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Hi there Miky here.  This is a beta version of my upcoming came Zodiac Weavers. This game will get you a chance to meet all the lovely gentlemen you have the option of choosing.  I'm hoping when I get the full release done to have the lines voiced. Please enjoy! This game can only improve from here.

To give a short summary of my game, you -the heroine- gets sent to a world known as "Weaver World" on your 18th birthday only to find out you are supposed to select the next zodiac king. Beforehand you get to meet each of the lovely gents you have the option to pick from and get a tiny taste of their personality. There are going to be multiple endings, some good, some bad and some just weird. But it will all work out. 


Install instructions

I'm hoping to make this extra easy to use.

Step 1: Download game ( THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!)

Step 2: Open zip file and extract all in the folder

Step 3: Go back in your downloads and find a new folder with a playable version of the game.

Step 4: Enjoy.

Step 5(?) Please let me know what you think and if you would like to see the full releases


Zodiac_Weaver-mac.zip 106 MB
Zodiac_Weaver-pc.zip 123 MB
Zodiac_Weaver-win.zip 107 MB

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